104,2 km – City of Westerland

Westerland – the good old Sölring metropolis, awaits us. After the last few kilometers seemed to stretch on, we finally get back among people, and a lot of them at that. Starting from the so-called “Himmelsleiter” (literally “Stairway to Heaven”, which are just a few steps leading to the beach, but names are creatively used […]

85,1 km – Town of Hörnum

The penultimate route segment we’d like to introduce takes us to the turning point in the southernmost part of the island: Hörnum. The municipality isn’t as prominently in focus as places like Kampen and Keitum, but that’s slowly changing. The first significant construction development began at the start of the 20th century when the southernmost […]

72,9 km – Village of Rantum

On to Rantum! What are the first images that come to mind when you think of the North Sea? Do your thoughts first wander towards the mudflats and endless paths along a dike? If that’s your expectation, we can serve you with that on the current route segment. From Morsum to Rantum, we’ll be traveling […]

50,5 km – Village of Morsum

For many ultrarunners, it’s not just the distance and the natural views, but also the challenging conditions and demanding terrains that make the ultra experience so appealing. We’ve already covered the distance, and there’s a reason the Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The weather on Sylt will be unpredictable throughout the day. […]

46,1 km – Village of Keitum

After leaving Kampen, the path was quite secluded and natural. Now, we’re heading into the “hustle and bustle”, as much as one can use that term for a village on the North Sea. The beautiful Keitum awaits. While Munkmarsch and its harbor once served as the island’s primary transportation hub, Keitum was its capital. Shaped […]

42,2 km – Village of Munkmarsch

Let’s continue with the ultra route – the marathon is behind us. For some, that’s an achievement; for you, it’s just another refreshment point. After recently enjoying the Braderuper Heide, things take a more maritime turn. Today’s route segment revolves around the small village of Munkmarsch and its harbor. However, before reaching Munkmarsch, our path […]

38,0 km – Braderup Heath

One-third of the route is done! After the first drop-bag station at Kaamp-Huis, the route leads through the eastern part of Kampen. Water bottles should be refilled, energy bars stashed, and socks changed, so let’s continue. The upcoming tideland side section from Kampen to Braderup takes us along the beautiful Braderuper Heide (Braderup Heath). A […]

34,3 km – Vogelkoje, The Old Duck Trap

We are soon approaching the first drop-bag station at the start and finish location in Kampen. We have left List behind. Today’s section is called Vogelkoje (bird decoy / the old duck trap). Throughout the island, our run frequently passes spots that remind us of the island’s past, a time before tourism and celebrities. It’s […]

26,5 km – Town of List

Today we pass through List, and as every week so far, much in this newsletter is labeled with the superlative “northernmost.” As the northernmost municipality, among other things, we have the northernmost fish shack, the northernmost supermarket, and even the northernmost FC Bayern fan in Germany calls this place home. (A list of other “northernmost” […]

11,2 km – The Ellenbogen

In this part of the route segment introduction, we focus on the Lister Ellenbogen. Situated in the north of Sylt, this bird and nature reserve is one of the most unique segments of the North Sea Ultra 2023. After having loosened and warmed up your legs over the first 11km, we turn at the toll […]