Fast, Flat & Windy

4 May 2024

111 km Around Sylt
Single & 2-/3-person relay



Every ultra-participant receives 2 bags.

The “Kampen” bag is dropped off in the start and finish area of Kampen and can also be used as a dropbag at KM35. The “Rantum” bag will be available at aid station 10/12.

Timing is done by RACE RESULT using a chip in the bib number. Wearing a bib number belt is recommended. Intermediate times are recorded along the route at supply stations.

Violations of rules will be penalized at the discretion of the race management with warnings or disqualification.

Examples of rule violations are unsportsmanlike behavior, taking shortcuts, entering protected landscape areas, using vehicles, altering the bib number, violations of the road traffic regulations, littering, or insulting volunteers or race management.

Wearing headphones can lead to disqualification. The use of (Nordic Walking) poles, as well as bringing dogs, is not allowed and will be penalized as a rule violation.

First aid will be provided at the supply points and drop-bag stations in Kampen and Rantum, or will be made available through a medical service. The individual race segments will be regularly patrolled with first aid equipment for emergency care.

Sylt has an acute care hospital. In the event of medical emergencies, patients may need to be airlifted to the mainland.

The North Sea Ultra 2024 takes place at the beginning of the peak season on a holiday island.

It is strongly advised to arrange suitable accommodation and travel in advance, preferably before registering.

We will recommended accommodations and partners of the event.

Or just have our partner travel agency create an individual  travel package for you gets you to the North Sea Ultra

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4 May 2024