Fast, Flat & Windy

4. Mai 2024

111 km rund um Sylt Einzel + Staffeln

46,1 km – Village of Keitum

After leaving Kampen, the path was quite secluded and natural.

Now, we’re heading into the “hustle and bustle”, as much as one can use that term for a village on the North Sea. The beautiful Keitum awaits.

While Munkmarsch and its harbor once served as the island’s primary transportation hub, Keitum was its capital.

Shaped by whaling, most of the village’s houses date back to a time when it was the most significant source of income. The old captains’ houses mainly originate from the 17th and 18th centuries, imparting the entire ensemble with that distinct North Sea ambiance. Each property, along with its garden, is surrounded by a typical Frisian wall. But the days of the whalers are long past.

Today, like everywhere else on our journey, the village is marked by tourism. During the peak season, it can get a bit crowded, with everyone vying for the best spot in the tea room or boutique. Just the usual Keitum hustle and bustle!

For our little run, we’re grateful for the incredible support we’ve received from the island, without which this first Ultra on Sylt couldn’t take place. This includes municipalities as well as private backers.

On today’s route segment, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Pastorat Keitum and the St. Severin community, which has graciously opened its doors to serve as a refreshment point for us. Not only is it a wonderful gesture, but for you, it’s also an opportunity to peek behind the scenes on the island, especially if it’s raining.

If you’re interested in learning about the community’s work, you can find more information here:

Before leaving the village, you can also catch a glimpse of a genuine whale skeleton in the front yard of the local history museum.

As we pass through the village, always be alert to traffic. The ground is consistently paved.

The next 25 km will offer us nature and solitude once more. So take a moment to enjoy this charming town.

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4. Mai 2024