Fast, Flat & Windy

Mai 2025

111 km rund um Sylt Einzel + Staffeln

38,0 km – Braderup Heath

One-third of the route is done! After the first drop-bag station at Kaamp-Huis, the route leads through the eastern part of Kampen. Water bottles should be refilled, energy bars stashed, and socks changed, so let’s continue.

The upcoming tideland side section from Kampen to Braderup takes us along the beautiful Braderuper Heide (Braderup Heath). A landscape, quite different from the previously introduced Vogelkoje.

Important: In the center of Kampen, the main road (a state road) must always be crossed at the traffic signal system, meaning the traffic light. Anyone crossing differently here will be mandated immediate regeneration by the race management.

Once this danger spot is overcome, we pass through Kampen itself, with beautiful thatched-roof houses, often hidden behind even more beautiful hedges.

If you turn left, a stop at the Kupferkanne would be recommended. After a run, nestled in a charming pine forest, you can start the day with old Sylt bunnies and Hamburg’s young elite. However, our path leads directly down to the tideland. No trees, just a wide view of Northern Germany as described in the tourist guide.

During the heather blossom in high summer, the landscape turns into a purple field. A spectacle worth returning for. Who wants to go to Provence? Half of all heath occurrences in Schleswig-Holstein can be found on Sylt, not only beautiful to look at but also an important refuge and breeding ground for endangered species.

The entire landscape is a nature reserve, meaning one must, of course, strictly stay on the designated paths. But we practice this sport precisely because we love nature. If the view is good, you can even see the mainland. Hopefully, there’s enough energy left to enjoy this view.

The route here is less windy than around List. Thoughts, familiar to many ultra-runners, but taken literally here: We are sometimes on the wooden path; otherwise, the surface is mostly a sandy hiking trail, which, depending on the weather, could also be muddy. It’s not trail running, but it’s not purely a road running event either. Sometimes, to bridge dune valleys, stairs have to be taken, so we don’t accumulate any real altitude meters, but still keep the gluteus maximus warm.

Enjoy the landscape, leave Braderup to the right, and the next supply station will appear soon.

The harbor of Munkmarsch awaits.

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Mai 2025