Fast, Flat & Windy

4. Mai 2024

111 km rund um Sylt Einzel + Staffeln

26,5 km – Town of List

Today we pass through List, and as every week so far, much in this newsletter is labeled with the superlative “northernmost.” As the northernmost municipality, among other things, we have the northernmost fish shack, the northernmost supermarket, and even the northernmost FC Bayern fan in Germany calls this place home.

(A list of other “northernmost” fans of 1st and 2nd league teams can be requested from us if needed 😉)

Coming from the surreal dune landscape of the Ellenbogen, we proceed to the Mövenberg dike.

After the initial 20km served as a warm-up, this segment will be your first challenge. It’s not the terrain (wonderfully smooth, new asphalt), not the elevation (from zero to zero – precisely at 6.5m above sea level), and not even the weather, which will accompany you throughout the day.

It will be the wind, which for the first time will swirl around you unprotected. From unpleasant to sobering, anything can await you on race day.

If it’s a bad day, you might feel like you’re running against a wall; if the breeze is kind, you might run like Kipchoge. Conditions similar to around the Rantum basin about 50km later.

At the end of the dike stands the appropriately named “Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten” (Nature Forces Experience Center). If your legs permit, it’s a recommended excursion for the whole family after the race day.

From here, our route is again more “among people.” At the List Harbor, world-famous due to JĂŒnne Gosch’s “Fischbude” (fish shack), a refreshment point awaits. From the ferry terminal, the next few kilometers lead along the East Beach Promenade, with the Wadden Sea on the left side.

List, which in perception once lagged behind other Sylt municipalities, has undergone rapid development in recent years, which is also evident along our route. To the right side, two 5-star resorts emerge, focusing on clientele that might have previously stayed in Keitum or Kampen.

At the same time, there are numerous, more affordable runner- and family-friendly accommodations in List. We had already reported on Germany’s “northernmost” youth hostel on Mövenberg in our first newsletter.

The terrain within the village is mainly paved. Towards the village exit, occasional sand drifts can be expected. But by no means does this make us a trail run.

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4. Mai 2024