Sylt 2023

Call for Participants

North Sea Ultra 2023

When, Where

Start Kampen, Sylt (Germany) at 06:00, 13 May 2023
Finish Kampen, Sylt (Germany) 22:00, 13 May 2023

Start Kampen, Sylt (Germany) at 06:00, 13 May 2023
Finish Kampen, Sylt (Germany) at 22:00, 13 May 2023

Briefing & Race Documents:

Friday, 12 May 2023, 3 pm
Kaamp-Hüs, Hauptstraße 12, 25999 Kampen/Sylt


199,00 EUR incl. 19% VAT.

3 Person Relay
249,00 EUR incl. 19% VAT.

Mandatory equipment

During the race each participant (single & relay) must carry the following equipment. The race management reserves the right to check the compulsory equipment at the start number distribution and if necessary, during the race:

Cell Phone
Functioning, charged and switched on. The phone number must be deposited at the online registration and will be checked at the race number distribution.

(Folding) Cups
For environmental reasons, plastic cups will not be provided at aid stations. Reusable cups are part of the start package

Lamps / Reflectors
It is mandatory for participants to wear a lamp and a reflective vest/shoulder strap when it gets dark. A spare lamp with spare batteries is recommended.

If necessary 0.5 liters of drinking liquid
It can be assumed that the expected weather conditions will make it necessary to carry 0.5 liters of drinking liquid in advance at the briefing.

If necessary, rescue blanket (gold foil)
If the weather conditions make it necessary, the carrying of a rescue blanket (gold foil) can be declared obligatory in advance at the briefing.

Medical Certificate

All participants of the ultra marathon (single competition) have to hand in a medical certificate (not older than 12 months) at the handing out of the starting documents to prove that they are able to participate in an ultra race over 111km.

The certificate must state in legible form that the participant is able to run a distance of 111 kilometers from the doctor’s point of view.

It must bear the signature and stamp of a licensed physician. A doctor may not issue a certificate for himself/herself.
Without such a certificate the participant will not be admitted to the start.
We suggest to use the form of DUV or an English language equivalent.
111 km around the island of Sylt


Start Kampen
06:00 Ultramarathon
07:00 Relay

Finish Kampen
Time limit Ultra: 16h
(ca 8:40 min/km)
Time limit Relay: 15h
(ca 8:00 min/km)

VP 0 @ 0 km
Kampen Start

Aid Station 1 @ 7 km

Aid Station 2 @ 11,5 km

Aid Station 3 @ 17 km

Aid Station 4 @ 22,5 km

Aid Station 5 @ 27 km
Lister Hafen

Aid Station 6 @ 31,5 km

Aid Station 7 @ 35 km

Aid Station 8 @ 42 km

Aid Station 9 @ 46 km

Aid Station 10 @ 53 km
Morsum Kliff

Aid Station 11 @ 59 km
Morsum Kliff

Aid Station 12 @ 65 km
Rantum Becken

Aid Station 13 @ 72 km

Aid Station 14 @ 79 km

Aid Station 15 @ 84 km
Hörnum Hafen

Aid Station 16 @ 87 km

Aid Station 17 @ 94 km

Aid Station 18 @ 100 km
Lorenz de Hahn Straße

Aid Station 19 @ 103 km
Westerland Promenade

Aid Station 20 @ 106 km

Aid Station @ 111 km


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