Fast, Flat & Windy

4. Mai 2024

111 km rund um Sylt Einzel + Staffeln

85,1 km – Town of Hörnum

The penultimate route segment we’d like to introduce takes us to the turning point in the southernmost part of the island: Hörnum. The municipality isn’t as prominently in focus as places like Kampen and Keitum, but that’s slowly changing. The first significant construction development began at the start of the 20th century when the southernmost tip of Sylt was developed with the use of the natural harbor and the new island railway. Today, the harbor is the heart of Hörnum.

After briefly passing through and over the dunes (with the usual wooden paths), we approach Hörnum from the back. A marvelous view of the mudflats unfolds before us. We then pass by the golf course and the Budersand Hotel on our way to the small harbor. Here, the mudflat and North Sea sides converge, and perhaps there’s a chance to see the Hörnum harbor’s guardian, the harbor seal named Sylta.

By now, 85 km are already behind us. If you still have the energy and the weather permits, you might catch a glimpse of Föhr and Amrum islands. Boats depart from the harbor to these islands, but that’s not an option today. There are still about 25 km ahead of you, all of which are fully asphalted. The motto now is: “I want to get back to Westerland.”

However, before you glimpse the bright lights of the island’s capital (with just under 10,000 inhabitants), the next 15 km will take you along the L44 state road. It remains Nordic-coastal, but it’s certainly not a route highlight for your Instagram feed. On the bright side, this stretch provides an opportunity to get into a flow without any distractions, depending on what your race strategy or stomach dictates.

This section is long and tough…

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4. Mai 2024