Fast, Flat & Windy

4. Mai 2024

111 km rund um Sylt Einzel + Staffeln

0,0 km – Kickoff Kampen


We want to introduce you to the segments of the North Sea Ultra – let’s start with the starting and finishing point, Kampen.

Sylt may be known as the island of the rich and beautiful, but we hope that with this race, we can somewhat break this exclusive image and bring the beauty of nature of this unique island closer to the running community.

Starting and finishing point: Kampen

Kampen is a village, and yes, because of its celebrity density, it’s certainly not entirely innocent of the island’s image. However, if you’re here for the first time, we hope you’ll leave with a different impression.

Kampen has experienced a turbulent history over the last 100 years. Already in the 1920s and 1930s, the village became a popular holiday destination for the rich and famous. Many celebrities, such as actors and writers, spent their summer holidays here. During World War II, the island of Sylt, including Kampen, was used by the Germans as a military base. After the war, life in the village slowly returned, but the economic situation remained challenging.

It wasn’t until the 1960s and 1970s that Kampen began to re-establish itself as a holiday destination. The development of new hotels and holiday homes led to an increasing number of tourists flocking to the village. The population fluctuates greatly, not only because of the number of tourist accommodations but also because of the high number of second homes. For many industrial magnates, the village has become more of a home base than just a holiday residence over time.

However, in recent years, the village has also faced challenges that affect large parts of Sylt’s communities. Climate change and rising sea levels have resulted in parts of the beach being flooded. However, the island’s residents are working together to find solutions and protect the place. Therefore, be mindful of your surroundings and take the time to experience the effects of wind and weather in such a place.

Our route takes you in the first meters from the starting area from the center of Kampen towards the legendary and now newly renovated Sturmhaube and then on the tourist route to the north. On these first kilometers, you can expect a short path past thatched roofs to the dune landscape of Kampen. In total, you will pass through Kampen three times: at the start, as a drop bag and relay transfer station, and as the finish. No other part of the route will be as familiar to you as Germany’s most famous village after crossing the finish line.

Yes, and when we talk about the village’s reputation, one person must not be missing. Here’s a link to a documentary about Kampen and the island with Gunter Sachs from the 70s: Gunter Sachs on YouTube.

Tricky spots: When returning from the north loop, the main road / L44 traffic light must be crossed. If you can’t wait for the green man here, unfortunately, you’ll have to pack up straight away.

The section to the starting/finishing area runs along the main road on a sidewalk. So, not only do the road traffic regulations apply, but please also be considerate of all other road users who share the roads with us on race day.


There’s no beating around the bush: the cost of staying on the island is not the cheapest. As in any tourist region, it can be challenging to find accommodation during peak times. Therefore, we are trying to secure quotas in every price range with our partners on the island.

But staying doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are some varied locations especially for us trail runners to enjoy Sylt. For the race weekend itself, we recommend staying from Friday to Sunday, as otherwise, it is not possible to get to the island in time for the start and leave after the finish.

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Sylt Fähre

Today we introduce you to the youth hostel in List.

Like many things on the island with the beautiful title “northernmost”, this accommodation is the perfect starting point for that very northern part of the island. Located between the wandering dune and Ellenbogen, you can experience perfect, solitary trips into nature from here. The youth hostel has its own bus stop and is thus also perfectly connected for exploring the rest of the island.

Call them, say that you are a participant of the Ultra, and reserve a room.

Or book online at: DJH Jugendherberge List

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4. Mai 2024